Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Here Goes....

When I was given the honor of directing the first Delaware based production of RENT, I was ecstatic. I decided that I should keep a blog and vlog documenting everything from casting, rehearsals, artistic team meetings, tech week and the run of the show.

However, as luck would have it, I kept stopping to recognize some beautiful things in my every day life and the blog and vlog didn't come to fruitation.

We're now about a month into rehearsals, and I've noticed that a lot of love has started to spread among this cast. They're constantly commenting on Facebook posts and photos. One of our ensemble members, Jeremy Swift, has even started his own fantastic blog about his first-time theater experience.

This experience needs to be documented.

So, some free time has opened up in my schedule and I've decided that I better grab this experience by its horns and put finger to keyboard and write out what this experience means to me: from the viewpoint of a director.

Here it goes.....